In diverse cultures around the world, communities have multiple rites to welcome a person in the different phases of life. Someone isn’t just welcomed to a certain phase of life, you are taught the principles and the responsibilities that come with the phase you’re entering. Even when the rites or age may depend on the... Continue Reading →

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Is Melanin Poppin’ or Trending ?

Have you ever come across something online where you ask yourself if it's real or is it just a trend? When I saw 'melanin' trending on Twitter and Instagram I started questioning it. We know by now that Black comes in different shades. Although technically nobody is really black and nobody is really white. We... Continue Reading →

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After a 2 months vacation it's time to get back on track and be serious again. For those who will start college in October I made a list with things to consider at the University.

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Be healthy or nah?

Most people don't care about what they eat. So imagine the frustration when you are conscious about health and food and people are just not getting it.

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One year has passed since I last shared life with you guys. I hope you are still here, because I am. I took time off to deal with my stuff, to heal and to graduate. None of which I've completed so far but every step in the right direction is progress. I kinda isolated myself... Continue Reading →

May is mental health awareness month. How does mental illness effect our lives?

Remember when you were younger and you hated nap time? I do. I remember not understanding the importance of napping. And now I've grown to appreciate a little bit of sleep. For the past 4 years, I've been struggling with sleep. I mean really struggle. For the past 4 years, I haven't had a decent... Continue Reading →

  Hello beautiful people, happy new year. I hope you guys have had a beautiful new years celebration. We are already more than a week into the new year and I hope you continue to strive and that you reach all the goals you've set for the new year. Today's blog will be about the... Continue Reading →


    Short story time following by a rant: when I was little I always wanted locks, but my mother forbade it. She never said why, just because she didn’t want to. So since I couldn’t get locks, I looked for another solution. Since I was 12 years old I had the same hairstyle. Everywhere... Continue Reading →

What’s in my name?

We all have names, but how many of us really know the true meaning of our names. Do we even care to know? How many of us really understand the power in our names? I searched and found the meaning of my name and I am not disappointed!

Pride of Heritage

Guys, I was just thinking about something, right. Have you guys ever heard of the phrase: you can take the man out of the forest, but you can’t take the forest out of the man. I was asking myself if others outside of Suriname were familiar with this phrase. By the way, today is October... Continue Reading →

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